Sports Pavilion

How will the Sports Pavilion benefit the community?

The aim is for the Pavilion to be an asset of the whole community, in a beautiful setting where you can do so many things such as: – enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and meet people,  keep an eye on your children in the Play Park, watch the sports from the outside decked area, watch TV together, listen to Music, use the WIFI and so much more!

In June 2018 The Wellow Sports Pavilion was officially opened                                                            by Cllr Neil Butters and the Parish Council Chairman, Billy Wright.

Situated on the space between the tennis courts and children’s play area, the Pavilion will serve all users of the field, much as the temporary toilet did until recently!

Throughout 2016/17  a huge amount of work went into fundraising and planning for the project.

Various plans were put forward and               considered before a final decision was made on the design of the new pavilion. Now in 2018, the project is a reality.

The Official Opening was attended by a large group of ‘sporty’ people; all enjoying a fabulous spread of canapes, washed down with Pimm’s or Elderflower Spritz!

Thank you to all who helped                                    and attended the event



To help us reach our goal of providing a top notch facility for all to enjoy, contributions to the project funds are still needed and will be very much appreciated.

To make a contribution you can either pop a cheque round to Mike Clarkson at                          2 Weavers Orchard, Wellow or make an online bank transfer:

Wellow Valley Tennis Club

Co-op bank

Sort code 089299

Account 65721599


May 2018:

May 2018 – Sports Pavilion Update

June 2017:

Proposed Plans

Proposed Building