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Come and Join in with the Cricket

If you scrunch up some newspaper tightly and tie some string around it you can make a football and start playing. Other than perhaps running, there is no lower barrier to entry for any sport. This is surely the reason football has evolved into a sport that dominates our back pages, our TV screens, our pub banter, our hearts and minds, hopes and dreams and the world stage.

kids & cricketWith this in mind, Wellow Sports has worked extremely hard to ensure that the barriers to joining in are low and the opportunities high. Our aim is to make our facilities accessible to everyone.

The cricket nets are no exception. We offer an ECB approved net facility, with ECB qualified coaches, all the balls, stumps, pads, gloves, bats etc that you’ll need to start playing cricket. Just turn up. We have two nets, a big field and a lot of adult supervision so we can cater for all abilities. Our aim is primarily to introduce people to the sport, to develop the passion and enjoyment that kids can carry through the rest of their lives. Although in the future we will have to find a way of generating enough money to cover the costs, for now we offer these services for free.

Wayne Gretzky famously said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. He was presumably talking about ice hockey but there can be few better metaphors for our lives today.

So whether it’s tennis, football, cricket, rugby, boules; whether it’s at Wellow Sports or not; whether it goes somewhere or not; take that shot…….but I hope it’s cricket 🙂

For more details contact: Tel. 07919 543 852; or Tel. 07768 454 149

For several years we’d had few opportunities to see a play in Wellow – a memorable

An update from the AGM

We had some really good discussions about the future of Wellow Recreation and the different sporting activities at the scheduled AGM in June. There was just one small problem – we ourselves such a high number of people for the quorum of the meeting that we didn’t quite make it! This meant that, although we covered lots of issues, the discussions have no formal status.

In some ways this is no problem as we held our first AGM 12 months before we needed to – and so the work will continue even though the formal business did not take place that evening and the Trustees will take note of all he good suggestions made that evening.

The July Trustees meeting will review Trustee roles, explore co-option of new Trustees, and kick start the next 12 months of our work. Plans will be made for the AGM later in the year – probably with some alcohol involved to entice people to attend!

Looking for new Wellow Recreation Trustees

Help Run Wellow’s Sports and Recreation Facilities
Would you like to contribute to the running and management of our wonderful sports and leisure facilities on the playing fields?
The Annual General Meeting of Wellow Recreation which will formally elect the next set of Trustees will not now take place until either the autumn or early next year. Some of the Trustees are wishing to step down because of other commitments – often other thing sint he village – so we are looking for at least three new people to join us.
Every Trustee takes on a role around a particular aspect of Wellow Recreation. For example, we are particularly looking for people to take a lead interest in fund-raising, or in co-ordinating the different groups that use the fields. We are also keen to have a young person as a Trustee (they must be at least 16) who will lead on involving children and young people of the village and ensuring the facilities work in their interests.
If you would like to have a chat with anyone about this, just speak to any of the current Trustees (contact detail are on the Wellow Recreation Website Nominations are open until 5pm on Wednesday 29th June. To put yourself forward, contact either Hugh Prentice or Rob Greig.

May update from Trustees

At the Trustees meeting at the end of April, the following were discussed:

  • Progress with the lease to the land, the pavilion development and the drainage. These are all being taken forward by the Parish Council with our support.
  • The tender documents for ground maintenance were reviewed and it was agreed that more information is needed before reaching a final decision.
  • The concerns over parking on the playing fields were discussed. It was agreed that this should be taken up through the Parish Council with a view to getting to a clear position that the parking spaces are a resource for the village, not any single facility.
  • A draft child protection policy was discussed agreed – as required by law.
  • Two fund raising activities were agreed – a wine tasting in May and a safari supper in June. It was agreed we need to find/recruit a new Trustee to take responsibility for co-ordinating fund raising activity.
  • It was noted that agreement has been reached with the village school for their use of the facilities on the playing field in return for a financial contribution from next term. Their usage will be free during the current term. Discussions are still needed with Magic Box.
  • The first AGM will be held of June 30th. All Trustees will stand down as required by the constitution – some have indicated a willingness to continue if elected. All Trustees agreed to ask around to encourage new people to put themselves forward.

Full minutes will be published on the website once they have been agreed at the May meeting.

Sunday morning cricket nets

england cricket
This picture shows the reaction at the England training camp  on Friday when they found out the Wellow Nets Project had been completed!
Yes, our cricket nets are now fully functional and a big thanks must go to Richard Waters and Mike Clarkson for making it happen and to all the benefactors who so generously funded the project. We have ended up with a fantastic facility.
So, down to business….We will be running sessions at 10am on Sunday mornings for approximately 1.5hrs and all are welcome! So whether you are an experienced hand or a complete beginner please come along and we will fit you in somehow. However, in the meantime they are there to be used so please don’t wait for a session – just go and play cricket.
It would be useful for us to understand who is likely to turn up so if you are interested please make yourself known to either Keith or Richard. We’ll then generate an email list and keep you informed on what is happening throughout the season. If the numbers grow we’ll make sure we increase the number of sessions to accommodate.
Howzat for great opportunity and chance to get together?
Keith Banks  (

Portaloo on the Playing Field

Wellow Recreation is pleased to announce the installation of a temporary Portaloo on the Wellow Playing Field for the ‘convenience’ of all parishioners using the Playing Field, Tennis Courts and Children’s Play Park during the summer months.
The loo will be serviced weekly by Mendip Toilet Hire (tel 0117 926 9183). Villagers are requested to notify any misuse of the loo to the vendor or to Mike Clarkson (tel. 830923)
It is intended that this is only a temporary solution and that the planned Sports Pavilion will be in place to provide permanent WC facilities by 2017.

April update from the Trustees

After every Wellow Recreation Trustee meeting, headlines from the meeting will be sent around the village – so people know what the Trustees are doing. Key things from the March meeting were:

  • Rachel Kotchie and Jess Waters were co-opted to the vacant Trustee positions
  • It was reported that discussions are ongoing with St Julian’s School about use of the sports facilities. They will have free use for the rest of this school year and then make a contribution (amount to be agreed) to maintenance and running costs from September onwards.
  • Plans are being developed for a Multi-Sports Taster Day on the field – possibly in May
  • The boules group has been organising itself, and regular sessions through the summer are planned for Wednesday’s at 6.30 with a definite social focus! The Bath boules league are keen for a Wellow team to join.
  • The consultation sessions for the Pavilion design were a success – with overwhelmingly positive comments and constructive contributions. The designs have been changed in response to comments received.
  • A draft budget for Wellow Recreation was agreed – subject to final discussions with the Parish Council and various interest/sports groups.
  • The Sport England consultant and independent consultant are preparing reports about drainage on the field following their site visits.
  • We are waiting Parish Council approval/decision on the lease. Once agreed, Wellow Recreation will assume responsibility for the facilities
  • A communications plan and the website plan were discussed and the website’s launch the following week agreed.
  • Two fund-raising events are being planned – a wine tasting in the village hall on April 29th (which will also include the draw for the Wimbledon tickets), and a summer Garden Safari supper – probably on June 18th.
  • It was agreed that the first Wellow Recreation AGM is to be held on Thursday 30th June at the Village Hall.

Full minutes will be published on the website once they have been agreed at the next Trustee meeting.