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Wellow Recreation AGM March 2017

Please come along to the AGM of Wellow Recreation at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd March in the Village Hall. This is a very important meeting.

Wellow Recreation was set up as a charity at the request of the Parish Council to provide one organisation, with limited liability, to manage the facilities on the playing field on behalf of the Parish Council and all villagers. However, Wellow Recreation can only do this once a lease has been agreed, which gives the charity the authority to do this. After several months of discussions, this has not happened, as it first requires Wellow Valley Tennis to surrender their lease over the tennis courts, which has also not happened. As a result, the charity still cannot do what it was set up to do.

The Wellow Recreation Trustees believe that there is no point in the organisation existing unless it is doing what it was set up to do i.e. provide one, village owned organisation to look after all the facilities. The AGM will therefore discuss what it should do in response to not having a lease that enables Wellow Recreation to do its work. A motion about this that will be discussed is on the Wellow Recreation website.

Please come along and have your say on the 2nd. There will also be a report on the work done and successes to date, presentation of the accounts and some wine and nibbles. There will also be elections for the Wellow Recreation Trustees. Irrespective of the decision about the future, Trustees are needed to help run things over the next few months. New Trustees are really welcomed. You can nominate yourself (or someone else) at the AGM or in advance by emailing

You can find the agenda and associated documents for the meeting here .

You can find the motion for discussion at the meeting here. Amendments to the motion will be taken from the floor at the meeting.

Marian Osborne on “Life’s A Dream”

Reflections on Life’s a Dream

For several years we’d had few opportunities to see a play in Wellow – a memorable Mystery Play in the church but little else – so it was a very special occasion when the Miracle Theatre from Cornwall came to give us “Life’s a Dream”. What a treat it was! A sparkling, fast-moving, witty production of this 17th century Spanish play, brilliantly adapted by a member of the company, and performed by gifted actors who slipped smoothly from role to role and from the comic to the serious. They immediately formed a great rapport with the audience and coped with airy ease with little problems like passing aircraft and a freezing wind. Come again, please!

Theatre barsOne reason for the previous dearth of drama in the village may have been the shortage of suitable space since the Village Hall had sadly to get rid of its hard-won stage. Now we know that the western end of the recreation ground can make a lovely venue – once some imaginative people have put a lot of thought and hard work into creating it, of course. Many thanks to them. The audience made its way past a row of decorative silvery “trees” to reach an amphitheatre bounded by hay bales, backed by floodlights and facing an amazingly versatile stage. There was comfortable space for the audience of about two hundred people with their chairs and picnics, and the Hall provided a place for interval refreshments (and the chance to warm up). The youngest person there was, I believe, five, the oldest – I won’t go into that, but we were all enraptured. A play captivates everyone. I hope there’ll be many more evenings like this one.

Marian Osborne

Come and Join in with the Cricket

If you scrunch up some newspaper tightly and tie some string around it you can make a football and start playing. Other than perhaps running, there is no lower barrier to entry for any sport. This is surely the reason football has evolved into a sport that dominates our back pages, our TV screens, our pub banter, our hearts and minds, hopes and dreams and the world stage.

kids & cricketWith this in mind, Wellow Sports has worked extremely hard to ensure that the barriers to joining in are low and the opportunities high. Our aim is to make our facilities accessible to everyone.

The cricket nets are no exception. We offer an ECB approved net facility, with ECB qualified coaches, all the balls, stumps, pads, gloves, bats etc that you’ll need to start playing cricket. Just turn up. We have two nets, a big field and a lot of adult supervision so we can cater for all abilities. Our aim is primarily to introduce people to the sport, to develop the passion and enjoyment that kids can carry through the rest of their lives. Although in the future we will have to find a way of generating enough money to cover the costs, for now we offer these services for free.

Wayne Gretzky famously said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. He was presumably talking about ice hockey but there can be few better metaphors for our lives today.

So whether it’s tennis, football, cricket, rugby, boules; whether it’s at Wellow Sports or not; whether it goes somewhere or not; take that shot…….but I hope it’s cricket 🙂

For more details contact: Tel. 07919 543 852; or Tel. 07768 454 149

For several years we’d had few opportunities to see a play in Wellow – a memorable

An update from the AGM

We had some really good discussions about the future of Wellow Recreation and the different sporting activities at the scheduled AGM in June. There was just one small problem – we ourselves such a high number of people for the quorum of the meeting that we didn’t quite make it! This meant that, although we covered lots of issues, the discussions have no formal status.

In some ways this is no problem as we held our first AGM 12 months before we needed to – and so the work will continue even though the formal business did not take place that evening and the Trustees will take note of all he good suggestions made that evening.

The July Trustees meeting will review Trustee roles, explore co-option of new Trustees, and kick start the next 12 months of our work. Plans will be made for the AGM later in the year – probably with some alcohol involved to entice people to attend!