Hugh Prentice


Hugh is Chair of Wellow Recreation. He and his wife Jill moved to Wellow in 2010 and he was a Wellow Parish Councillor for 4 years to May 2015, mostly as Chair. He  helps run the village shop. He is also an allotment holder, composter and  beekeeper, and is growing a community of beekeepers in Wellow. If you’d like a beehive in your garden, get in contact!

Hugh has had a varied work career, abroad in the oil industry and computing and finance in the UK. For 12 years he worked for Julian House, the Bath homelessness charity, being their Finance Manager and setting up the Bike Workshop. After a brief foray into growing mushrooms on waste coffee grounds, he is now a Management Accountant with an renewable energy company.

Hugh has been volunteer Chair and Treasurer of a number of small and medium sized charities over the years.

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